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Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue 4pk

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue. Enjoy a clean and comfortable trip to the toilet with Andrex Classic Clean. Embossed for a fresh and confident clean. Perfectly balances softness and strength, and is undeniably Andrex. 2 ply.

Cushelle Ultra Quilted 9 Toilet Rolls

Every 3-ply sheet of velvety soft Cushelle Ultra Quilted has plump air cushions. So Kenny will do just about anything to get his paws on it!

Velvet Comfort White Toilet Tissue – 9

For every tree we use we replant 3. Soft, soft, soft. 2 layers of velvety softness.Triple Velvet has 2 layers of velvety softness which makes it extra soft, soft, soft. Velvet are committed to responsible forestry practices, so we plant hundreds of thousands of saplings every year to ensure that each and every tree we use is replaced with 3 new ones. That's why we need you to support our Campaign for Trees, because the more people who choose our lovely soft, soft, soft Velvet, the more lovely trees there will be.

Velvet Wipe & Clean Plus Household Towels 2 Roll Pack

Velvet Wipe and Clean household towels are strong absorbant kitchen rolls with perforated sheets for easy tearing. Each pack consists of 10 packs of 2 rolls and each roll contains 75 sheets measuring (23cm x 24cm) for super absorbency! Velvet Wipe & Clean Household Towels two layers of luxurious embossed tissue which provide the perfect balance of strength and water absorbency. They are strong enough to use when wet and great for everyday household tasks from wiping worktops to cleaning cupboard doors.