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Jolly Ranchers Original Hard Candy 198 g

Wake up your taste buds with untamed fruit flavour. Jolly rancher hard candy comes in apple, blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon and grape flavours. Simply irresistible. Assorted flavoured jolly rancher hard candies in tasty fruity flavours so true to the original fruits. These jolly ranchers taste so good if you love jolly ranchers then you will love these assorted jolly ranchers. You don't have to choose only one flavour, if you want you can get these assorted jolly ranchers and taste all the yummy flavours.

M&M’s White Chocolate Candies 42.5g

  • Ingredients: white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk, milk fat, soy lecithin, salt, natural flavour), sugar,...
  • Product contains azo dyes. May affect activity and attention in children.
  • Contains milk, lactose, peanuts, soya; May contain traces of wheat, nuts (peanuts).
  • Contains traces of gluten.
  • Contains traces of peanuts.

Mike and Ike 141g

Mike and Ike are a brand that was introduced in 1940 by the company Just Born. They were originally all fruit flavoured but now come in several different varieties. There are a lot of theories to how this brand got their name but there is no confirmation. A fun fact about Mike and Ike is that they create enough pieces of the gummy candies a year that if you were line them up they would reach around the earth 2.5 times!
  • Mike and Ike is an extremely popular brand of fruit flavoured candies which have a huge variety of sweet and sour flavours. They are in fact the most popular brand of fruit flavoured sweet in the USA.
  • They are oblong shaped chewy fruit flavoured sweets which now have a variety of colours and flavours.
  • Mike and Ike had a campaign run back in 2012 where Mike and Ike broke up. On the packaging one or the others names were scribbled out. Then on the back it was a little message from Mike or Ike (depending who?s packet it was) saying why they had broken up. Of course they got back together.
  • What flavour are you feeling there?s a range of fruit mix, red rageous, mega mix, berry and many more.
  • Something that makes these sweets so good is that they are gluten free and kosher certified.

Sour Patch Kids Watermelon Soft and Chewy Candy 100 g

Sour patch soft and chewy watermelon candy featuring a distinctively tasty taste. These watermelon candies explode with great flavour in every mouth-watering bite. Starts out sweet, explodes with sour and ends with sweet once again. Made of premium quality ingredients.